About the Book

9781491736180_COVER.inddIt is 1972 when Step Bronstad, a twenty-one-year-old from a Pacific Northwest logging town, finds himself in the throes of a country at war with North Vietnam. After he makes the decision to enlist in the Marines, Step has no idea his life is about to take a different and sudden turn.

When Step is suddenly pulled out of a military health examination and into a meeting in a stark back room, he is confronted by two CIA officers who seem to know entirely too much about his criminal past. Leaving Step with few options, the agents broker a top-secret deal: In exchange for his service running covert and dangerous antiterrorist errands for the CIA, Step avoids military service and potential prison time. As his missions lead him from America to England and eventually Germany, Step meets up with Gus Randall and George Holcomb, experienced CIA officers who soon place him in the middle of the Israeli hostage crisis at the Munich Olympic Games and in Turkey where he must combat Islamic terrorists.

Errand Runner is the gripping tale of a young CIA recruit’s perilous journey across the world as he sacrifices all he knows to fulfill contract obligations that change not only his life, but also the course of history.

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